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Please let me know if you have any pre-war M series
bikes or parts for sale or wanted.
Call back regularly as I update the page.

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KM24 328 in 1955 BSA B33 frame

1939 KM24 engine no KM24 328 is for sale in Canada, asking price around Canadian dollars $15,000. The engine is currently housed in a 1955 BSA B33 rolling chassis. The bike and fully rebuilt engine are pictured above. The complete bike is available for Can dollars $18,000.

This bike is now sold and has moved to Florida USA 

New M24 cylinder liner

M24 Cylinder Liners: New British made liner for Standard 82mm bore piston

 £150 including world wide postage


New M24 engine gaskets
New M24 engine gaskets

M24 Gaskets  I have for sale various new gaskets for the M24 engine which have been unavailable for years. These are top quality, made in England from original patterns.
Prices:  Rocker box gaskets - 1 set of 3   £11  
             Cylinder base gasket                        £3.50
             Tappet cover gasket (JM24)        £2.50 
             Rocker box cover gasket             £3.00 
All including UK postage. Postage cost covers any number of gaskets.
Postage to Europe £1.50, Rest of the world £2.50.
Other gaskets, such as timing cover, KM24 tappet cover & the large cork primary case seal are available from UK BSA dealers. 

New JM24 cylinder barrel
New JM24 cylinder barrel

New 1938 JM24 type CYLINDER BARRELS, with small 2 screw tappet cover.
See photos above
Standard 82mm bore
Excellent quality, cast and machined in Birmingham UK
£1500 including postage

click for enlarged view
Ross Racing forged M24 Piston

PISTONS:  New 82mm forged racing pistons for sale - Top quality made by Ross Racing Pistons, California USA.  

These are based on the 1938/39 standard compression M24 piston, but have a shorter skirt, and they will fit all pre-war OHV 496cc M22, M23 & M24 engines. I have STD 82mm available, complete with pin, rings & circlips. See photo above.

Price £150 including postage & insurance

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FOR SALE:     **** Now Available again Dec 2015  ****
1938-40 NEW UK made finned rear brake drum/ 42T sprocket, as fitted to all M24s, and also 1939 M23 Silver Star, and M20 & M21 Deluxe models. BSA Part No 66-6107. The studs which locate in the hub are 0.3mm oversize, to allow for wear in the hub locating holes. The holes may need light reaming for a good fit.
£120 including Postage.
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Still wanted urgently
:  Pre-war BSA M22,23,24 Rocker box lid with or without breathers
BSA part No 66-342 plain or 66-384 with breathers


Wanted: M22,23,24 Valve Spring top collars, part No 66-274
and Exhaust valve spring seat 66-273

For Sale
  1939 KM24 Tank badges.. excellent
reproductions to original spec...see photo below...
Oct 2013 - now available again
£ 80 per pair plus postage  


Available from me or from Bob Mayow at

***WANTED*** Type 14, bottom feed, 7degree float chamber for a pre-war 10TT carb, or complete 10TT36 or 10TT38 carb.  Top price paid for quality item.

Please Phone me or Email for further details

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Wanted: For 1939 KM23/24 Gold Star or Empire Star
Petrol Tank with instrument panel
Front & Rear wheels/hubs
Girder forks